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I actually think it makes more sense having one vertical and one horizontal for music production so you can see more channels while arranging.

but here i am sitting in front of an ultrawide

I'm not a big fan of 2x screens. Much prefer 1x ultrawide, but my dream setup would be 1x Pro Display XDR with the stupid expensive stand so I can flip between vertical and horizontal really quickly and have a clean look. Such a setup would deliver the focus and versatility that would suit my workflow, but I'm not paying $6k for a screen

if your screen is getting in the way of the monitor that tells me either your desk is too shallow and thus your screen is too close, or your monitors are too close together and not forming an equilateral triangle.
The opposite is my issue.

I have my K&H 0300's in a perfect 65" equilateral triangle, in a perfectly treated room, with my position in the perfect place - my monitoring system is extremely accurate.

The compromise is placing my screen!

I have the constraint of "old man's" long sighted eyes, I have glasses that work best with a focal length of 1 metre meaning I am limited by the resolution I can use for a given screen size - it's complex stuff.

4K or even QHD is too small unless the screen size increases to the point it causes too much sonic foot print.

The final option is a 55" screen at 4k but pushed back in line with my 0300's putting it approx 2.5M back from me but here the issue is I now have to take off my glasses completely and everything in my near field vision is blurry!

It's a very tricky thing for my set up and eye sight constraints - thus my thoughts of stacked 24" HD screens.