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I don't understand what either lazy or late means, but the black limited edition Bass Bot MK2 sounds damn good to me. Was he talking about the TD-3 or Bass Bot? The TD-3, the filter is tuned a bit higher, so it sounds brighter. If you open it up and mess with the the filter tuning, you can darken it. The TB-3 and TB-03 just doesn't nail the squelch/rezzy sounds. It sounds too sterile.

Paranoid London used a Bass Bot MK2 in their live in studio setup with an original 808, 909, and SH-101, and the Bass Bot MK2 sounded damn good. The vid is up on YouTube. Orbital use an original 303 all over their live set, which is why I brought them up. I mess with my Bassbot MK2 and it sounds damn close to what I hear when Orbital's tweaking. Though Orbital do not use the original's built in sequencer and instead have Ableton send it sequences.

I picked up the black Bass Bot after watching Paranoid London's set and watching a video on the Pattern Lab/Loop Edit/Arpeggiator.

Behringer advertised the TD-3 has an arpeggios when it doesn't have one. I wonder if they were trying to copy the Bass Bot.