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Hey everybody.
Has anyone figured out a way to clock an iPhone to a DAW for the purposes or recording audio via the phone’s microphone?
I want to get the “voice memo” sound one gets when recording into a phone, but I want to sync it up with a couple of “proper” mics recorded into a DAW simultaneously. I’ve tried simply recording into the phone at the same time as recording into the DAW, then importing the files and lining them up, but the drift is pretty bad.
Any ideas?

Was thinking about this same thing recently, and just found this video:

He mentions using this app:

I've yet to try it, but it seems like it should turn your iPhone into a "normal microphone" in one sense, and you could just connect it to your computer via the phone's headphone out (via dongle/adapter) through your audio interface inputs, or directly via USB like he details in the video.

All in all, I do enjoy the "voice memo sound" every now and then, and perhaps this might do the trick and save some time importing/exporting between devices.