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Neutron is quite a nifty channel strip, altho I never used the AI features. My favourite module is the transient shaper. That thing is wonderful.
I was wondering what you guys thought of the EQ module. I usually have Q3 before to do all the sculpting, dynamic eq ing. Is Neutron 3's eq module as good as? Can I use it with confidence? I understand it doesn't do linear phase.
yes, it's a great EQ.

I had both bundles for a while, but eventually sold the MPS3.
But not because of quality, simply because of workflow, which i seem to prefer with fabfilter.
Also I never used AI.
I practically only used the Neutron's transient shaper and Ozone's imager, so it felt redundant having the whole MPS3 for that.

But there's absolutely nothing wrong with it - it's a great EQ, and has very flexible sidechaining for the dynamic section, pretty unique.

There's absolutely nothing you should worry about while using Neutron's EQ.

Re: linear phase
I almost never use it. I can't remember last time i did. I personally prefer a little phase distortion than preringing that linear-phase introduces. Preringing absolutely kills me. in 95% of cases i switch back to normal phase.
I wouldn't fuss about it.
Besides, your daw probably has a linearphase EQ for those rare occasion you might want it