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Builds on elevated wood decks are difficult/costly when it comes to isolation. I would explore your other option. Ideall it would be on a slab.

Isolation on in the attic will likely require some concrete be laid on the floor, or a floating slab, depending on budget and isolation needs..

I would reccomend Build It Like The Pro's by Rod Gervias as the first book to buy. You may also consider contacting him to see if you can hire him for your design and build. He's located out of Conn.

"Soundproof" doesn't exist in practical terms. Your best bet is to grab an spl meter or an app (app will be less accurate), and take some readings around your house and yard and define how loud it is outside the studio room. Then define how loud your going to be in there, ie drums peak around 115-120db. Call your municipal building code office and get the sound ordinances for your area. If 60db is allowed at the property line, and your doing live drums, you need 60db of isolation. This is attained with your construction and the amount of decay occurring over free space between studio and property line.