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Old 22nd October 2020
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As someone who has used Microsoft OSs since DOS 5 and owned and used a MacBook Pro exclusively for 5 years, I can confidently say that Cubase works much MUCH better on Windows. I'm also not sure what sort of tweaks people feel they need to do on Windows 10, it's a solid OS out of the box.

I like pretty much all OSs, macOS is great, Windows is great, Ubuntu (and other flavours of Linux) are great too! ... but if you want stability for music production, especially Cubase, you go with Windows, because unlike Apple, Microsoft doesn't break backwards compatibility on every single OS update.

Cubase SX3 still runs perfectly on the latest Windows 10 for example. I'm sure Cubase VST5 would work fine on Windows 10 too.

As far as drivers ... ummm ... what drivers? Except for my Thunderbolt and Clarett driver, everything else worked completely out of the box. Microsoft even fetched NVIDIA drivers automatically upon installation. I had to install drivers for my Clarett on macOS too, so I don't understand that argument.

Just sayin...

On another note, Studio One is really making Cubase look bad right now, especially with how much they added to 5.1 for free. I'm really hoping Cubase 11 brings a lot to the table for us Cubase lovers!!!