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It's hard to choose any one DAW.

I do hybrid production, edits mashups in Ableton Live

Then I edit to picture in Cubase, has so many nice features for editing and such an amazing sound engine.

Reaper I use for multichannel complex routings, exports etc (that render matrix is off the charts) as well as mixing sometimes. It's just an amazing tool.

If I really had to choose one, I think Cubase takes the crown for sound and workflow, it just feels so polished and precise. Reaper feels a bit rough, but only by a margin.

For now and my current job, mainly editing to picture and collaborating with the video editor, Cubase fits the bill amazingly. Has been the 2020 revelation workflow wise.

I'd wish I had more time to do mixes in Harrison 32c. That software has such a dynamic and meaty sound...

IMO if your job description shifts a lot then I'd suggest you learn more than 1 DAW and learn it well.

If not, stick to the DAW that helps you do you the best.

I've been quite pleasantly surprised by ProTools, really good sound, decent workflow, after having a 1-year sub that I got for peanuts just for testing, but ultimately it wasn't worth the admission price. Avid's money grabbing schemes, just ain't for me