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Old 21st October 2020
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Interesting article, well written! I might add my own humble effort to the list of free OpenSource solutions for real time jamming:

It is inspired by Jamulus, but a brand new development that works around some of the previous shortcomings introduced by the Opus codec and other things. I do not provide trial servers due to the cost incurred if you do it right, so this is more for the technically capable to host it yourself and setup a server in a data center suited for your usecase.

I totally support the notion that the network determines your success - avoid Cable internet and WiFi, invest into a good audio interface with proper driveres, bring buffer size down to 128 etc.

And don't expect wonders.

We use it every week across Germany with enjoyable results as long as we stay below 130 bpm ;-), thanks to optical fiber and high speed VDSL lines, and a proper hosting in the right data center.

If anybody is interested in more in-depth information or discussion, just contact me!