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Here for the gear
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ha 100% not my experience!
I used to build my own systems, generally following tried and true audio builds, plus a few Dells or whatever laptops and it would crash as much as anything else does on Windows. It may have just been windows crashing, but still... same problems. Outside of Cubase, my MacOS rarely crashes.
I use a three-year-old Dell XPS laptop and experience zero crashes, ever. I literally cannot remember the last time Windows shut down on me. I'm sure it's happened in the past, but not recently (tempting fate here!).

Cubase Pro is very fast and stable on my system with small to medium-sized projects and good-quality third-party plugins (although I keep auto save on to be sure), but that's not to say I'd recommend Windows unreservedly to a beginner - you do need to painstakingly sort out various driver/service issues that can cause annoying latency spikes. LatencyMon is your friend here. And, as ever, it helps to have a decent processor, a modern audio interface and lots and lots of RAM.