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Bob, sounds like your making the best of it while staying safe. I have not been to a store except the 7-11 next door, and have been getting lots of stuff delivered... even groceries. Same here with Zoom and Skype. Can you imagine if this happened 10 years ago without the video conferencing software and BW?
You're reminding me I need to reach out to a few family members I have not talked to in over a month. Lets get to the other side of this and resume life as normal, dammit! Best Wishes to You and Yours BOB.
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I'm hangin' in here. Haven't done an attended mastering session in years so it isn't too crazy working from home. My wife and I are both pretty vulnerable health-wise, so we're locked down except for grocery runs. Zoom and Skype have allowed us to contact people we haven't seen in decades. We've also heard more regularly from our kids which is nice.