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New to NS10s but the myth that if it sounds good on NS10s, it sounds good on anything has already been busted for me. The first project I mixed as a total novice back in 1991 sounded terrible. Full of mud and murkiness. Well, I played that CD on the NS10s, and guess what? It sounded fine. None of the thick mud that can be clearly heard on my other two sets of monitors. It sounds far better than any other monitors I've ever played that CD on. could have a huge slog of muddy crap down below 100hz and if you mixed only on these, you wouldn't know it was there ( unless you are one of those hard to believe mixers who claim they can judge the bass by watching how much the woofers move?) I know many of you claim to do it but how could anyone possibly rely on NS10s alone for mixing?
Hello, there’s always the old trick of looking at it from the side. If the driver is going a little too crazy, you dial it back a bit. Good luck
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