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Originally Posted by jeremy.c. ➡️
I do mainly MIDI orchestration these days and I just can't wrap my head around doing it in Reaper. Over the years I've tried about three times to learn Reaper in order to move over, but it just never sticks.
That said, I've been in Cubase since before audio/VST, and it made sense to my brain at the time. I'm sure it's different for everyone, but I also edit video and hands down Vegas just made sense to me and in ways I still struggle with Premiere. I guess we all have different brain maps and Cubase is where mine is stuck!
I could do with much better Cubase stability on the MacOS though. I swore to never return to windows and I can't deal with moving between MacOS and Windows with drives and partitions and blah blah blah because I will never be able to escape the Mac ecosystem (nor do I care to). Two different machines and every version from Cubase 8 to 10.5 so far Cubase shuts down the first try on launch and then works on the second attempt. Occasionally, a third party plugin crashes it too just by opening it (usually IK Multimedia plugins), but thank the lord Play always works and never crashes it.
Between Premiere and Cubase I am steady Command+S pusher, but I sometimes lose my work when I'm in the flow and it's super frustrating that auto-save only seems to cover me about 50% of the time. I've just kind of accepted that high functioning software that isn't tied to high end hardware will often not be stable. It feels like I haven't had a 100% stable DAW since... never!
Just so you know Cubase on Windows is totaly crash free...
Just throwing it out there