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I'm not really comparing these two synths. They are so different, like comparing a DX7 to a PPG Wave.

P5 is a classic synth with a good range of typical polysynth sounds, and a few polymod sounds that we're all now very familiar with. I like the sound, but I'm not going to spend that kind of money on it.

PB is something really new. It can do most of those standard pads or brass, but the morphing and mod options takes it into new worlds that even a modular can't go. If you can't make great patches with it, you can't blame the synth.

I'm not a youngster, but I'm looking for new synth territories to explore and the PB offers just that. Not interested in playing "hits from the '80s" all day long. That's what your Spotify/vinyl collection is for, if you really must.