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Although I am holding onto my Korg Modular, I played with mine for a few months but found the duPont cables to be fiddly, as they are not meant for many insert-disconnect cycles.

I bought the midi in parts to mod, but the traces are micro small so I shelved the idea. The traces on the Monotribe are generous, by comparison.

Too low item to sell, so maybe some time in the future I will find a use for it!

Buying synths can sometimes be a hit-miss proposal.
I have seen many good YT uses for this box, but for the moment, it fell out of favour with me.
quoting you here for continuity - don't quite feel up to reading entire thread, or scouring YT right now. as you read, i'm not impressed with it at this point. even wondering if it is working properly > n00b - i got it 2nd hand (vgc, looks great, in box 'as new', even has orig. batteries)

i should be scouring the manual and example patches. (print too small.. have to download pdfs)

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