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Originally Posted by Diogo C View Post
Please let us know how that went!

I'm in a part of the world where internet isn't great, especially upload-wise, so it will be interesting to hear from folks collaborating across continents.
Cross continent attempts to do this will be sketchy at best. You're potentially looking at well over 100ms of latency when you factor in distance, last mile network paths, audio interface latency, etc etc. Anything over 10ms in the studio I find really annoying, 20ms is my upper limit before it becomes a real challenge (this is speaking from a drummer perspective - other instruments may be a little more tolerant of higher latency).

Here's an article that explains a lot about how network latency and bandwidth works.

As mentioned earlier in the discussion, it depends on the type of music and your tolerance for latency, maybe it might be fine for a jam if your standards are not that high. For me personally it is unusable for long distance.