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I guess that depends on what you're using it for. For bus work, I heavily prefer Gullfoss over Sculptor, but I wouldn't really reach for Gullfoss for use on individual instruments. Sculptor just makes more sense there.
Can you say why?

My demo for Gullfoss expired just around the time I realized Sculptor might achieve similar results.

There seems to be a common opinion that Gullfoss is better for master/bus and Sculptor is better for individual tracks.

But ... why?

If these were standard EQs or compressors, I'd be asking why some EQs/Comps might generally work better on the master and another EQ/Comp might work better on individual channels.

I know that Sculptor has a bunch of instrument / section presets. But without those Gullfoss wouldn't necessarily be limited to the bus/master. And putting Sculptor in Neutron implies that it's for tracks, but what if the next version of Ozone comes with a Sculptor section; what would make it "right" for busses or entire mixes?

Plus Sculptor already has presets for bus and master too.

If it's simply subjective or difficult to put into words, then okay ... but I'm curious about the underlying reasons why people are preferring one tool for one purpose and the other tool (generally) for a different purpose.

Again my Gullfoss demo expired so I cannot do any more A/B comparisons myself at the moment.