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Tascam Model 24 phantom/condenser question

This may seem like an odd question, but it's based on a negative experience with "cheaper" desks, and I want to ask before I buy.

Not doing anything live right now, but I work with an itinerant theater company and one of the key things we do is live audio (i.e. "radio") theater. Right now I use an AH ZED-22FX, which has more inputs than I need, but also has plenty of phantom to keep 8-12 condenser mics fully powered and happy from 60-80 feet away.

My old MIUSA Mackie most certainly did not. With four or more condensers powered up, I'd start to get strange sounds, feedback issues, etc. I have attributed this (without proof, just evidence and instinct) to the Mackie being a little underpowered. Either the 48V sagged or lacked enough current. The desk was fine with a bunch of dynamics or 1-2 condensers, but adding more condensers became problematic.

I'm considering the Tascam Model 24 as a possible upgrade from the AH. I like the idea that I could multitrack with it, which would allow us to record shows for remix/release later. Right now I can only pull two channels into my Sound Devices recorder. But I don't have much experience with Tascam mixers. I'd prefer to avoid "Me neither, but you should be fine," responses. Has anyone actually used one of these in a live setting with a bunch of condensors? If so, what was your experience?

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