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Old 13th October 2020
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I primarily use Reaper now, after teasing the switch for the last year. I've been in audio land for 11 years at this point where I used Pro Tools, Cubase and for the most part Cakewalk.

I wish I made the switch ages ago. Yes, the Reaper midi editor and take systems are somewhat behind other DAWs, but no other DAWs can touch it on straight up performance, speed and reliability. I mix a lot of experimental/ambient/prog stuff, so a lot of my mixing sessions are huge. Rendering artifacts and crashes are what made me move from Cakewalk (even though it's gotten muuuuuch better since Bandlab took over).

I've not had one error or crash with Reaper since switching, and the render/freeze speed is crazy and much faster than every other platform I've used. Rendering stems is a total breeze with wildcards and render queues, it's actually changed my life as bouncing was the bane of my existence for a while. Once thing I really appreciate about Reaper is the ability to access functions when recording (arming other tracks, monitoring, literally anything) Other DAWs don't let you do this, if I remember right Pro Tools locks up every other function when recording. I could go on about this forever, but I'd recommend sticking with Reaper if you want reliability, you will encounter bugs in other DAWs that don't happen in Reaper, and there will be a lot. I thought Cakewalk and Cubase were extremely stable until I used Reaper.

Sure, there are some things I don't like in Reaper, but straight-up power and efficiency tops everything. Also, being able to route anything anywhere is amazing, subprojects are amazing, spectral editing is basically RX for free, portable install is great, and most of all, the community is great and bugs get fixed quickly.

I totally get what people mean about the rabbit hole of customization, but the key here is to totally avoid custom actions and SWS until you feel like you need something. And the good part is, what you want will most likely exist.