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Originally Posted by bace ➡️
You need top push them that hard to have a visual indication on what's going on. This blind test shows that is there for "real-life" scenarios too, and the not so obvious energy measurement method also "see" a difference on ordinary music content. This Plugin-alliance plugin should not be used in 44.1 or 48 kHz sampling rates, case closed.
It also explain why I dont' have any issues, because one, I'm not slamming 19kHz tones into the compressor and two, I work at 96kHz. When used as the compressor is intended I don't notice any artefacting.

I believe in the grater scheme of things this HAS to be taken into account, using a device how it was intended to be used. As Buckan stated "80% of my 20+ saturation, distortion, tape, preamp etc plug-ins have that audible side effect".

As we go into the future this will be more of a non-issue as CPUs will get faster, sampling rates oversampling higher. Analogue has its artefacts, many of them too, aliasing is really the only digital bugbear these days. Even then, its so easily managed it's barley an issue, until you do some uneathly thing with something that wasn't designed to behave well in those circumstances. Push alot of analogue things too, not many of them will hold up either.

None of this will help make music. Its barley academic as there is very few instances where this kind of hyper focused analysis of how a plugin deals with ultra high frequencies under extreme circumstances will come in useful. It's the results that matter in the end, it's only important to ourselves and our own ego how we get there.

Often when choosing a compressor for an important task, mix buss, vocals, bass, whatever, I will audition several and chose the one I think sounds best for its given context. Often Iron will be there getting compared with others, sometimes it gets chosen, other times it doesn't because of the aesthetics I'm going for. It's never not getting chosen because it sounds crap in the high frequencies.

But again, I do work at 96k, so my experiences could be different