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i have had more accidents in cars than on bikes and i have ridden bikes since i was 6 , raced off and on and road most of my life and ridden them legally on the road since i was 16, i am 44 now , i have had everything from a 1962 tiger cub to a panigale and everything in between

i also know more people who have crashed cars (suppose that is obvious) and many who have sadly died than on bikes too, 5 of my friends were taken in one go a 21st birthday, 2 more were taken in one night on a motorway, another thanks to an oak tree, i was in a crash with a bus when the driver fell asleep that hit us and i lost 2 friends - bike deaths i know 2 in all my life and 1 of those was off road @ a race meeting in derbyshire, the odds seem to sway toward 2 wheels in my experience

edit: my point is this, life is too short to live in fear of the unknown and especially when it is, well, unknown

kinda like living in fear of 2020, a bit silly really all things considered
I used to take a lot of chances on a dirt bike that could have ended badly. I especially cringe when I see someone ripping down the road on a motorcycle with no skin protection. That may be the most vulnerable organ and people take it for granted. Here's to your continued health!

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