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It's a Prophet 5. Made with the creator of the Prophet 5. As a new version of the Prophet 5, not a clone (can't be a clone when a new version that isn't identical is done by the same company, let alone the same creator being involved). Ergo, it's one of the "legendary" analog synthesizers by a legendary synthesizer designer, made for professional musicians (and collectors).

It can't be cheap to have designed, sourced, manufactured, warehoused, and delivered to resellers.

The market is clearly willing to pay this, especially given the price of the ancient synths from the 80s.

I have 2 analog synths by different companies, and neither show the names of patches. If you spend time with your instrument and create and organize the patches yourself, it's really not an issue. Or, if I care, all I do is start up the PC editor app/plugin. Easy.
Repro 5 is not expensive. Connect it to a MIDI controller, done, no worries forever more!

Now you can go out and buy that Polybrute.

Or just get Arturia V Collection 7 and be vintage the rest of your life! Why clutter up your pretty Brooklyn apartments with furniture?! So retro.