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It isn't snobbery. Microwaves are more sensitive to obstacles than UHF. This is especially noticeable with beltpacks.
Another reason why 2.4 GHz can be problematic is the vast amount of consumer devices operating in this frequency range. I've seen cases where everything worked perfectly until the audience came in.
Anyway, if it works for you, great.
I started with ew100, but then got some Line 6 for using with Smaart as it is compander-free.

I get worried about additional investments in UHF TV spectrum. On paper the spectrum looks safe to me, but I always find myself worried that this position is "betting against the Internet". One day someone might make this gear illegal to use.

2.4GHz definitely has higher losses in propagation. 10dB+ worse. But i can always (in my case) make my gear be physically closer than major sources of interference.

The build of the upper-level line 6 gear is very good. Inbuilt antenna distribution on their HD-V70/75 receivers is also a great feature.

So at present I have 8ch of Line 6, and 8ch (11ch incl ENG receivers) of ew100. It all works well for me.