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my original test (the one you deemed "ridiculous") was 4 compressors, voxengo, fabfilter, spl iron and uhe presswerk under same conditions. 19k sine blasting into around 20dB of gain reduction.

or, it was scientific. it was deliberately bizarre just to highlight how different compressors handle being pushed.

and SPL IRON exhibited so much more aliasing distortion it wasn't even a contest, it was absolutely the worst of the bunch.
(dirk proceeded to comment than two of the 3 developers - all of which compressors performed better - are good. Implying one is not. which is hilarious in its own right)

however when a test is presented like that, you don't like it either.
when its a blind test and people overwhelmingly vote correctly, ergo, can discern between aliasing and non-aliasing material, you're not convinced either.

there has been so much told about PA's SPL IRON already, and everyone who has basic reading comprehension and knows digital audio basics KNOWS that it aliases pretty badly - and much worse than any competition.

The question is not whether it's unique or not, the only question here is whether your personally care or not. everything else has been proven over and over.

yeah, i wouldn't count on it.
Dirk berated me badly when i highlighted this issue, and support closed two tickets without any explanation.
They don't care, enough people drink their kool-aid and they get enough money from them not to waste time on any quality updates.
Subscribers want new plugin, or better - two new plugins every month...

That's why to me getting Weiss, which is one (well 4) plugins for the price of a YEAR of PA is worth 10x as much as one year of 10 good plugins and 50 pedals, old digital eqs, crappy reverbs and aliasing pretty GUI messes.
Several types of saturation plugins results in perceived pitch changes, is that a result of aliasing, added overtones or mysterious psycho acoustics? In that respect Iron sound quite OK.
80% of my 20+ saturation, distortion, tape, preamp etc plug-ins have that audible side effect.
I have absolute pitch, so sorry, I’m not sure how other people hear that.