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i love the old Korg tone of ssm polysix & trident, and 700 and MS mono range. alas their new analog sound, launched with prologue/monologue/minilogue - ughh not for me.

except the lovely microfreak hybrid, which i would love a polyphonic version of, i don't feel much better about Arturia analog line either, including the new PolyBrute.

no matter the powerful arhitecture, flexibility and magnificent mod matrix, there's an everpresent sonicprint on all demos, including the boring but thorough ones from Marc Doty about oscillators, shapers, filters etc. if i were to put it in words, i find it metallic, fizzy, unapologetically cold tone. and like many modern analogs, mid scooped too much. and it is not something you can out-program, always there.

i get that some like it exactly bcs of this, very different from all other polys, but to be frank, its the anti-thesis of what i look for in analog sound.
Some day if I make it again to a store out of state that will actually have one on display (post pandemic), I will definitely give Polybrute a try but on videos I’m not sold.

I used to own a Polysix and just couldn’t get into it. I like other polys from that era but the Polysix just doesn’t do it for me. Other Korg things, new and old ...same story. I think I’m just not a Korg guy.