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Just upgraded to RX8. It is by far the best restoration bundle I own and this upgrade is advancing the bundle to an incredible level. In one month I went from RX5 to 7 then to 8 - it is a huge improvement.
I upgraded to 8 Advanced from 7 Standard about a month ago and I share your impressions. Most of the algorithms seem to be improved from the previous version, I'm getting usable results done in far less time. Also the workflow enhancements are speeding up all tasks significantly.

The backwards compatibilty problem that has been described here can of course become pretty annoying, I imagine. I've been using RX since version 2 and just adapted to this problem from the start: I'm doing my edits in the standalone editor and just export and save RXed versions of the processed files for every production. This way I never have to open up outdated plugins. Revisions of productions that are older than 1 year are very rare here, anyway.