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Old 8th October 2020
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ygdai cards

Hi everybody ever so sorry to bother you lovely lot again ive recently purchased a yamaha 03d mix console and it came with an aes ebu ygdai card and the 25 pin cable with 8 xlr plugs. In the manual states they are 8 digital input and output channels which will then able me to use the other channels of the mix layer function. And il be honest im not entirely sure what i can use it with.

ideally I'd like to to use them as outputs so I can have the signal go to my audio interface for the purpose of radio broadcast and free up the aux channels currently being used. But like I said im not sure how I have thought of replacing it with a Yamaha Cd8 Ad Analogue Input / Output Expansion Card but looking at size differences doesnt look like it will fit. Ebay auctions state that card will for multiple mixers can any one help me before i spend on something that won't fit

Thank you in advance