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I had a jazz quartet drive up from the Bay area to record with me. None of the music on the album was anything straight-ahead and swinging. One of the tunes had a bit of a drum n bass style beat to it and I had fun dialing in a drum sound for that. The setup was the following:

Kick: AKG D12E - Vintech x73i
Snare: Neumann KM84 - Neve 33115
Hats: Neumann KM84 - Neve 33115
Crotch: Coles 4038 - Vintech x73i - Urei 1176revF
Toms: Neumann KM140 - Neve 1272 - SSL611
OHS: Schoeps CMC64 - Langevin AM16 - Electrodyne 511 (set flat)
Room: Coles 4038 - Avedis MA5 (gain pushed)
Snare Shell: Placid Audio RU-80 - Neve 1272

It was my first time trying the RU-80 right up against the snare shell and I loved it. It still catches a bit of the whole kit, although mostly not the non hihat cymbals, which is fine because I'm not super stoked how sustaining cymbals sound through that mic. It works extremely well with staccato sounds as you can hear.

I attached some clips. Everything is unprocessed except a limiter on the master bus and a little verb that I had for tracking on the sax.
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