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Know this is an old post but some of us still have working Profire 2626's and have felt the need to upgrade our systems to some of the newest ones. I thought I would chime-in on the subject recently and my discoveries for anyone out there currently pulling their hair out trying to get this to work.

I recently upgraded my system to an MSI Pro Carbon B450 AC and Ryzen 2700X eight core. Although I really wanted to stay with Windows 7, unfortunately Windows 7 is no longer supported by the chipsets on modern motherboards so I basically had to upgrade to Windows 10 kicking and screaming.

As far as the 2626, it's a dead dog on a modern Windows 10 system. I installed a SYBA pci-e firewire card into the system (this received great reviews about it working in 10) and the newest driver 6.1.1. Could not get the 2626 to work reliably no matter what I did. I worked on this system for an entire week trying various things and various drivers (including the downloaded Windows Legacy driver for 1394 and even third party drivers I found). All other sound devices were disabled for testing.

In desperation, I even tried Another Firewire Card that was even more expensive and currently sold at Sweetwater, the SIIG NN-E38012-S3 V3 . I had high hopes that it was only a 1394 issue and the SIIG would solve this. It didn't. I had the same issues with the ProFire 2626 playing for about 30 seconds followed by it locking up.

This problem DOES NOT appear to be an issue with using 1394 with Windows 10, not even with the most recent version of 10. Nor does it appear to be an issue with using either the SYBA or SIIG firewire PCI_E cards. Further more, from what I found the Legacy 1394 driver was not needed and the card operated fine with the newer TI 1394 default driver.


Here's the kicker................>>>The M-Audio Firewire 410 WORKS<<<. I own this one too which I put out of service when i upgraded to the 2626.
When I could never get the 2626 to operate, I decided to just try the 410 before buying a new device. The drivers are the old ones from 2008!

Since the 410 works and it operates with either 1394 card (I swapped these), that puts the entire issue of the 2626 failing to operate squarely on it's drivers. So with M-Audio abandoning this device, we are left with a once very expensive paperweight. Note: I did try another older driver for the 2626, I believe it was version 6.09 which also did not operate. I did not investigate any possible drivers further back.

This is a real shame and is completely on M-Audio. The Firewire 410 is an older device using even older drivers. If the 410 can work fine in Windows 10, that means the 2626 should have technically been able to (even if you reduced some of the functionality) outside of M-Audio dumping the product and it's users.

I hope this write up helps.
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