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Hey nichttuntun,

thanks for your comment.

We've spent that last months prioritising repairing the GM and PR plugins before our forthcoming release. Resizing for the PR will come on the next update.

All the best,
Hi. I start to think that's finally true and I'm still waiting relatively patient. As I saw your new Plate plugin is actually resizable it seems like you really already heard the voices.

For Perfect Room I still have - beside the necessary improvements - one essential feature request, I think which actually should not miss in a room simulator, especially not if it has "perfect" in it

Please add an extra section for Early/ Late Reflection. And especially in the ER department it is important having the size of ER changeable. In fact the ER creates the perception of a real space into a mix. You first create this ER perception around the audio and than further place the instrument into it while increasing the ER-LR relation and the room size. This is an incredible technique to give each group or single instruments it's very own space in a mix. It also works perfectly and very clear for dense mixes even with ER on 100% and no tail at all. You have amazing mixing power with that feature alone and it would lift your plugin one big step up.

Reverbs like R-Verb, Valhalla Room, DMG Hyperspace and some others have this feature and if you know how to use this, you don't want to miss this on other rooms any more.

Any chance adding this option? Cheers