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If you’re going to write an article that claims mathematical secrets to a songwriter’s success, you might try actually including a mathematical formula of some sort, or at least hint to it - everything in your piece is common to practically every popular song ever written. I’m certainly not going to watch an additional video to try and find the point you’re trying to make.

You might also take a course in better writing - you have a lot of unnecessary words and you stray off point quite a bit. There’s a structure and form to writing an educational article, just as there is a song - it’s a “sell” and you need to learn it. People turn away unless you get down to business.

I’m glad you admire max martin, but fwiw, I have a former student who did a detailed analysis of Max’s songwriting - he really was able to break it down into steps. I don’t agree with this approach, but if you’re going to break it down, then break it down.
I think Max Martin himself calls it melodic math, or at least I've seen the term in other analyses of his work.