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Yes, Counterpoint is a lot of fun!
Luckly for us, there are tons of information available.

This one is a good read; enjoy.

Have a wonderful day my friend!

Thanks, HW!

I'm at a point in my exploration where looking at these 'rules' is providing food for thought and informing my realtime exploration and improvisation on the guitar.

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If you’re going to write an article that claims mathematical secrets to a songwriter’s success, you might try actually including a mathematical formula of some sort, or at least hint to it [...]
I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed on this front, as well. I was kind of hoping for some specific insights that might help inform my own experiments and writing. Sharp's 'Dutch Uncle' advice above is probably worth some dispassionate consideration. The best, the most constructive criticism, can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, but listening and considering such criticism is often the way forward to either refining and improving one's own efforts or confirming that one prefers to go one's own way.