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After reading about NS10s for decades, I finally got a pair. I'd been looking for weeks for some with a good price. Snagged a pair for $425. I was skeptical given the price but I got them two days ago and couldn't believe my eyes. They are like brand new. Perfect. I could not find any signs of use! Using a Yamaha CR-640 amp/receiver to power them. As expected, they sound terrible. More terrible than I imagined from people's descriptions I've read for years. To me, by themselves, I can't hear much of anything below about 400 hz or so coming from them. It seems to be the upper mid range that is magnified. The Yamaha CR-640 provides for two sets of speakers to be connected, so I also have a very nice set of much larger 3 way sealed enclosure Optimus monitors I've been using as a set of alternative monitors for years. Running those two sets together sounds great. I can still hear the magnified upper mids from the NS-10s along with a fuller low mid and bass from The other monitors. I immediately understood how useful adding NS-10s will be for mixing.