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Brand new Reaper session, imported a guitar track, added Saturn and loaded Crunch preset. Turned the preamp gain down and up a bit and you can see all the glitching and volume jumps (Apologies for poor video quality, had to shoot on phone as couldnt get screen recorders to work)

It is very difficult to understand from this video. It seems you slowed down the tempo of the song which affects your track, or there was a tuning of the guitar going on and a loop. But even by doing this we cannot reproduce the crackle and SaturnLO behaves flawlessly on our side (I use 88.2KHz, 512 sample block size on a i7 + a PowerCab): no crackle at all.

Crackles when reproducing audio is a very common problem: there are many tutorials on google on how to fix it. It may be due to Reaper settings (SR, block size...), your settings on Sound (Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Sound, check SR and bit depth), other Windows processes taking over your audio resources ecc... It takes patience to fix, but it is worth it.

Feel free to give us more detail via our support.