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EDIT 2: Am emailing you. Getting some really nasty pops and volume spikes. Saturn then freezes sometimes with blue spinning wheel. Even restarting session, random pops and spikes. This is defaulty cunch patch. Was fine for 10 minutes and now I can't get it to behave at all. Reloading plugin still same dropouts issue.
That is weird. Win10 + Reaper is what we use to process audio - we refer to Rea plugs even in the videos - and we have never experienced what you describe. We spent the last 20minutes trying to replicate it on 2 different machines (Intel, AMD), but everything went fine. We regularly check memory usage to spot memory leaks: no memory leaks, as far as we know. Once the circuit model is loaded, it is stable and it doesn't require additional resources.

I did not see your system details in your message, however I would suggest to increase the block size and see what happens.