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Originally Posted by DiBiQuadro Audio View Post
Hello Bob,

we reset the trials yesterday (3 posts ago ).

Thank you! (and for your patience with me too )

Ugh its a tough one, I'm testing a guitar track and currently the free ChowCentaur Klon clone (love this for distortion at the moment) going into Virgo followed by Dibiquadro powercabs is a dream (purchasing Powercabs for sure). I'm swapping out Virgo with Saturn and its not winning me over yet but will try on other guitar tracks. Great work though guys, some sweet plugins you're making.

EDIT: DAMN those tweaks are fun in Saturn! I'm buying sod it

EDIT 2: Am emailing you. Getting some really nasty pops and volume spikes. Saturn then freezes sometimes with blue spinning wheel. Even restarting session, random pops and spikes. This is default crunch patch. Was fine for 10 minutes and now I can't get it to behave at all. Reloading plugin still same dropouts issue.