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Originally Posted by becks bolero View Post
it would be cool if Moog developed a version with 4 pairs of oscillators, instead of 4 single oscs

after playing an Oberheim FVS I was pretty blown away by the sound of the extra oscs in there

even better: an 8 voice Matriarch, which would let you tie them together & more

but probably $$

*edit* I suppose you could augment the M with some external oscs to achieve similar effect

I have a Three-Voice (TVSP + SEM Pro) sitting close to to the Matriarch for just such inter-patching shenanigans.

I really like the ((( stereo ))) quad-oscillators idea though. It would be amazing on the M.

As is, the Matriarch is really one of the best sounding synths ever made, imo. She deserves her Moniker.