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no I don't notice more fatigue, if anything it's less than with regular/stereo headphones, although that depends on the headphones' physical characteristics as much as the sound!

Yes, that's similar to some of the things I'm doing, for dialogue I think it would be ideal. You might want to capture a few different rooms - like an editing suite (smaller and drier) and a full mix stage, to compare between the two as you work and calibrate your ears to how things need to sound to translate. Like anything there's a learning curve.

I tried it with some Sennheiser HD650s and was unimpressed. It was ok, but nowhere near as convincing as with the HD800's or a pair of Stax, or the Audeze that I ended up buying. Transient response, driver speed and lightness as well as full frequency range are all important to reproduce the room correctly, and the Realiser will help by calculating a correction curve for your headphones, but cannot make lower quality cans sound like top of the line ones, they just don't have the physical characteristics needed to do so. You could always try out a pair of HD800's or similar and see what you think. They are light, dynamic and pretty darn accurate.

I noticed at Mix's recent Sound for Film and TV event Sony announced 360 VME, which I assume is based on 360 Reality Audio, and is essentially the same as what the Realiser does, but using a few of Sony's top rooms in Culver City as the venue to be sampled. It's still in beta, and I'm not on that list, unfortunately.

Hope this helps!