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Tim Petherick does his SCS power amp for Nebula so something like that after Saturn preamp followed by a cab IR, would that be a recommended chain do you think? Or Preamp followed by just a cabinet is perfectly fine?
I would not recommend to add more distortion after a higain preamp in general. This is not how a poweramp is supposed to work in a higain amp. The distortion 99 per cent of the times comes from the preamp. The power amp is meant to produce volume, not to make the tone (the preamp does). Yes we can discuss about how different wattage affects the tone: anyway I personally don't like low watt poweramp on higain amps, even if in this period they are very trendy.

If we were discussing about reproducing the plexi sound I may even understand, but this is not the case for SaturnLO or MercuryRec.