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In your case when running the NS-10 with a XLS amp in a surround setup this would be a problem indeed, as the rest of the speakers are supposed to have zero latency or a at least a different latency. This is a very special case any I suppose rather few people would use a mixed speaker surround setup like this. Anyway. If it works for you - why not? In this specific scenario I would definitely choose a different amp without AD-DA/DSP latency in order to have at least equal latencies with all speakers in the surround setup.

So: A Crown XLS has 1.27 ms of latency. Is it bad? Definitely depends on the scenario. For most conventional scenarios a NS-10 is used in this should be no problem.
Thanks so much for measuring! Really useful to know!

Great. 1.27ms is fine to use in stereo with NS10s alone as you say.

Apologies, I didn't make myself clear regarding the surround setup. I was thinking of using another Crown amp for driving my passive surround speakers, ATC SCM20SLs, which a power hungry. LCR fron speakers are ATC SCM50ASL actives, so, although it's a mixed setup, the 50s and 20s have a similar tonality, and it's not uncommon to use surrounds one size down. But as the front speakers have no delays, a 1.27 ms delay in the surrounds would would make them sound further away than they really are, and would invite to put too much level/presence in the surrounds while mixing.

The surrounds are currently run from a big Rotel Class AB amp which sounds great, (better than the Bryston it replaced), but it's generating too much much heat. So I am looking for a good Class D replacement amp.