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Here for the gear

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Lol, yes the hifi community 🤔 ..

Latency, if reasonable, doesn't matter right now, as I'll also be powering NS10 as alt speakers, but I was also thinking of getting another one to drive some ATC SCM20SL surround speakers. In that scenario, I'd find even 1ms a bit annoying, because it's no longer aligned with the front speakers.

So if you do get the time to measure that'd be great. I'm amazed Crown don't publish any figures.
I measured the throughput latency of the XLS1002 with all filters off. It's 1.27 ms which falls into the expected range.

So there is some typical AD-DA latency plus some DSP runtime according to the used block size I suppose (even if the no active filtering is engaged).

For conventional stereo listening/mixing/alt speakers/main speakers this is no problem, as long as the NS-10 is not combined with a subwoofer that has no ability of delay alignment (wich would not be recommendable in any case).

For playing instruments and listening through the speakers 1.27 ms should not be noticeable at all. However, the amp delay sums up with the overall system latency. So finally it has to be decided in individual cases.

In your case when running the NS-10 with a XLS amp in a surround setup this would be a problem indeed, as the rest of the speakers are supposed to have zero latency or a at least a different latency. This is a very special case any I suppose rather few people would use a mixed speaker surround setup like this. Anyway. If it works for you - why not? In this specific scenario I would definitely choose a different amp without AD-DA/DSP latency in order to have at least equal latencies with all speakers in the surround setup.

If the surround speakers also have DSPs (e.g. Genelecs with room correction) you could have the same problem the other way around. Surround setups generally are highly sensitive to delay differences. That's why in most cases and for most people (that just want to mix without doing any rocket science) it is highly recommendable using speakers of the same brand and series for the setup unless you have measurement equipment and knowledge to align a mixed system correctly.

So: A Crown XLS has 1.27 ms of latency. Is it bad? Definitely depends on the scenario. For most conventional scenarios a NS-10 is used in this should be no problem.