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I did not measure it (and I am currently not at home to be able to do). But sure it will introduce some latency. Typical AD-DA latency at least which should be in the rage of let's say 0.5 ms to 1.5 ms I suppose... (This is by far not critical in a studio monitoring setup - unless you would use the NS-10 a it with a Subwoofer that has a different Amp and no ability to regulate the delay)

If for any special reason you need an exact latency value I could measure it for you the next days.

Yes, the DSP appears rather useless in the given context. Just Lopass and Hipass. The amp is designed for stage application and it is the cost-effective product line that does not have many options (in order to be still able to sell the more expensive models I suppose.)
I've read discussions about AD-DA conversions in the XLS and I measured the frequency response once. The signal is steeply lopassed above 20k which very much appears to be an anti-aliasing filter. So rather unlikely it is an analog filter...

Anyways, to me there is no audible / negative impact compared to fully analog amps (which surprised me). The steep anti-aliasing filter might even protect the beloved but somewhat delicate HF drivers in the NS-10

The amp apparently is also loved and much discussed by many of our good friends at the high-end-audio department... (Using plain gold-wires for the speakers and at least a $250 Power cord of course )
Lol, yes the hifi community 🤔 ..

Latency, if reasonable, doesn't matter right now, as I'll also be powering NS10 as alt speakers, but I was also thinking of getting another one to drive some ATC SCM20SL surround speakers. In that scenario, I'd find even 1ms a bit annoying, because it's no longer aligned with the front speakers.

So if you do get the time to measure that'd be great. I'm amazed Crown don't publish any figures.