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Here for the gear

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Congratulations and yeas and yes! You can leave smaller gaps. 5 mm to fill with acoustic caulk and backer rod. Yes reveal treatment will be of value.

Sorry one last follow up on this if you don't mind.

I can source either a 12.8mm or 16.8mm laminated glass panel on the inner leaf secondary glazing. The 12mm is quite a bit cheaper though as it's a more standard product for the supplier.

I've calculated the mass needed to equal the inner wall composition (2 x 15mm gypsum board) and the 12mm panel is sufficient but not sure how to work out (and therefore avoid) any resonance issues from having the thicknesses off both windows too similar.

The current double glazed outer window is 4-14-6.8mm so would I treat that as one panel (10.8mm - in which case the 12.8mm panel might be too close) or do I treat it as 4 vs 6.8 vs 12.8 in which case it would probably be fine. Or does it not matter as they'll be an air gap of 125mm between the windows negating any issues.

If the 16.8mm panel is going to avoid any issues then I'm happy to spend the extra.

Sorry, just trying to wrap my not particularly scientific brain around this!