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I have one and love it.

If you go that route, make sure you have a reference room or two that will let you run the unit there to capture your personal HRTF and calibrate your headphones. That IMHO is the real strength of this unit. You'll also want a pair of very accurate headphones (Stax, HD800, etc).

I used the A8 to capture my old 5.1 studio. When we did A/B tests between the cans and the mains it was uncanny how close it was (the main difference being the very lowest frequencies). The A16 is a step up from there, with improved algorithms and support for 16 channels (Atmos/Auro/DTS, anyone?)
Thanks for chiming in! Did you notice any more fatigue from using it over long periods of time than you would get from just wearing regular headphones? I cut all day in headphones a lot of the time, but I worry about listening to a binaural encoded stream wearing me out faster. Maybe that’s totally unwarranted??

I would probably be mostly predubbing dialogue in them so the lowest frequencies wouldn’t be as much of an issue. Would you recommend it for that type of purpose? If you are planning on it being finaled in the room you calibrate to is it going to pretty closely translate over?

Also have you tried it in other not so high end headphones? I have a decent pair of Beyerdynamics. Would I really need to drop an additional $1200-$1500 on a pair of their recommended headphones?

Thanks again in advance!