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Old 21st September 2020
Here for the gear

bruh chill, pop in general from '86 -'96 was trash, especially hiphop. '96 - 2006 was the golden years. plus good Trap is basically using Dilla formula from boom-bap days (eg. pure triplet divisions) it's just sped up with some triplet arps. Check out WhereisAlex, Deffie, LoPhile etc.. that sh*t's dope! (soundcloud guys) However, mainstream is totally garbage just like '93-96 - it'll be a couple more years (think 2023) before we hear actual talent lining up with great production. its just not happening now in the mainstream due to bad corporate structure; and yeah it's nearly all trash on the billboard and liking anything feels forced. (kendrick, sza, kardi, joey bada$$ and megan.t.s. excluded) also, if you're gonna do trash - do it right - go extra trashy, some on the billboard realise this...