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Old 21st September 2020
Here for the gear
Thank you all for the advice. I've found company who can do me a thick laminated single pane so that looks like it might be a good option for the secondary glazing. I'll then get as much gap between the two sets of windows as possible.

Can I just ask how I seal the between the two sets of windows? I've got a carpenter who's going to make me a frame / box that fits into the decoupled wall and the secondary window will sit within the box. I obviously don't want to attach the back of this box to the brick outer wall as that would bridge my two walls but am I right in thinking that the reveal between the two windows should be airtight?

What if I brought the window box to the brick wall but allowed a small gap (10mm?) I could then add backer rod into the gap and caulk the join. Would this be suitable? If not, any other ideas? Also, should the gap between the windows be insulated around the edges with something like this?

Many Thanks again!