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Old 21st September 2020
Gear Nut

It's time to grow and evolve. The only thing from the past I am chasing and will continue to chase is analog.

We get one life man. Just think how amazing it would be if we lived like it and not promoting drugs, used to cope about how bad we think our life is all while flashing money and girls and rented lambos and homes to millions to brag. Or how the guy next to you is a idiot and you are smarter than him.

One side is obsessed with superiority and the other side is so selfish it kills them.

Life is not about being cleverer than the next guy or rich. It is about the little things. You're here today and gone tomorrow.

Our 80+ years on this earth should be an amazing experience during every second for any human alive for their one life. We have the music and the tech to make it happen but here we are. It really is sad.