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Old 20th September 2020
Here for the gear

Just realised I forgot to update this after fixing it.

So I looked around guides for other microphones and discovered that the connector pulls out, not in (this doesn't seem sensible being that you've got soldered wires attached to a capsule that can't go in the same direction but let's not mind that).

The trick is to unscrew the connector, plug in an XLR cable and then unplug that XLR cable and the connector should come with it. I found it took a couple of goes and trying to tug at an angle helps.

The other thing that caused me trouble was at the capsule end. There's a tight rubber ring which is holding the wires close to the capsule. It feels like it's built in but it isn't. You can just roll that up or down and it'll slip off, leaving the wires free to be worked with.