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Wouldn't say that. I think it's more possible they have a hard time coping with all the things belonging to running a business model. Give them some time. I guess after they feeded some mass triggering guys on YT to present their stuff, they have to deal with a lot now under pressure. And pressure grows surely as now they probably had recieved an unexpected wave of support requests as many people suddenly realized how buggy the software is and how unconvinced the
small GUI are.

I think they need time to readjust things, improve things and get through all the support requests plus getting the codes right. They will learn a lot of our this and evolve or vanish from the market, at least as a plugin developer.

Sorry for that assumptions. I am aware of that I can be totally wrong here. In any case I hope the best for the guys and wish them good luck. Cheers
I´m certainly not somebody who blames a developer without reason.
I´d rather defend them - as you can see in other posts of mine.

But not getting replies since last November and at the same time receiving a lot of ads can upset you, don´t you think?

They also answer questions here but constantly ignore the PB problem.
A simple "sorry, we´re working on it" and/ or an update link would be fine.

Btw. I wouldn´t even care if they would offer update downloads for everybody.