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This normally means shallow and/or perforated horizontal surfaces, angled rack sections (enough angle to actually do something useful) and keeping the screens down low (and/or smaller screens).
How much is "enough angle"?

If it's flat down, it will cause reflections from the ceiling and if it's straight up it will block the sound from the speakers. So the best would be angle directly towards the speakers when the speakers and desk are in the final position?

I'm asking as i'm planning new space that will need a new desk.

Desk is a compromise of one or all of these:
1. Ergonomics
2. Acoustics/sound
3. Space

Many so called "studio desks" compromise on ergonomics and acoustics, but have plenty of space.

For me the ergonomics is the most important as bad ergonomics can do permanent physical damage in a long run. Then comes sound/acoustics and then space.

My space, like many modern control rooms have no need for easy access 19" racks. I think 18" depth for the desk would be enough for me. Display would be on a stand where it can be freely to moved on any direction and angle. That allows good ergonomics for most of the work and can be moved away when mixing.

Does it make difference is the desk deep and narrow or shallow and wide if m2 is the same?