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@ boombapdame I sent you a pm ..I'm so disappointed in you.. If you are who you claim to be.

To the larper.

10 year user with avatar with an offensive word. Takes offense at inoffensive comments.

I encourage you or anyone to report me to the mods. They can terminate my account & delete my contributions.

Online or offline you not fooling me.
Never once did I call you a name in response to your name calling. I grew up in studios, I'm not easily offended and I won't be reporting you to anyone.

I didn't take offense, I simply chose not to engage further.

If you are unaware of the cultural significance of my avatar, that's your issue and not mine. (Ask Herbie Hancock)

You can drop the whole on or offline bit. You may find yourself important but I don't. I have no desire to fool you.
The whole "delete my contributions" because a guy on the internet chose not to engage me further bit is kinda pitiful.

Again, I owe you nothing and I ask nothing of you.
I didn't like your tone and I decided you're not someone I want to discuss music with.